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Akron, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- It is in full swing featuring sketchbook art and sketchbook art animated. The website layout isn't too much to shout about, but it is nevertheless simplistically easy to gaze upon. For sketchbook artists, and artists with sketchbooks, it is a fun stop when browsing the internet for entertainment. Visit this link to surf it up:

Animations of sketchbook art are posted to the page titled Artists Sketchbooks. Currently there are four posts with animations articulated in full detailed articles about them. The website publisher Kenntron puts up the cartoon along with a summary of the animation process he & LaMeow Molina work out. Presently the duo are the only two featured in the cartoon shorts and it looks like there is intent to bring in guest artists. The list of animations by title are: The Tortoise and The Hare In 2020, Pick Up Lines That Work, Trashcan Music, and Vertical Farm Fairies. Expect some weird stuff at this page to pop up regularly.

The animations are also published to a YouTube channel that can be located under a different name than Artists Sketchbooks. The cartoons themselves can be found if you search 'Artists Sketchbooks' in the search engine at YouTube. They are best organized at the website of course.

There is a green theme that can be noticed about this website. Each cartoon has a noticeable sentiment addressing ecological problems plaguing the planet. Pick Up Lines That Work, the second cartoon published, is an animation of cheesy pick up lines that play on the commonalities among greens. There is an article in the blog about a sketchbook making company that is as all natural as it could possibly be and that all natural article is the only article about an sketchbook making company. Even the publications of Kenntron's sketchbook arts are only available for download as 'Smartphone Books', and digital files are the greenest way of distributing intellectual property. It is safe to say Artists Sketchbooks is green.

The website is a look into the sketchbooks of animator Kenntron. It also displays and links the sketching's of other and more skilled/talented artists in the artists online community. Cartoons are featured on the blog page that are composed of authentic sketches from within the pages of an illustrative sketchbook. Kenntron's zany assistant LaMeow Molina is featured as a voice actor and guest illustrator. There is a welcome invitation for artists to propose collaborative cartoons. Overall this website is purely entertaining to any artists that utilizes a sketchbook, traditional or digital.

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