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Artizara Is Proud to Launch Its Spring Line


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- As Spring continues throughout the United States, women are adapting their wardrobes to meet the warmer weather and the brighter days. For Muslim women this change of season was usually greeted with little fanfare, as traditional Islamic clothing for women did not have a variety of colors or styles that changed with the seasons. Since 2004, the Islamic clothing for women offered by Artizara has been both fashionable and functional, and the 2013 Spring and Summer selections are no different.

Spring clothing is much lighter than winter clothing, but needs to give the woman a little versatility when the weather turns unexpectedly cold. Artizara has Islamic clothing for women that solves both of these issues. Head coverings, such as the poncho wrap scarf, are ideal for women who need stylish head coverings and some additional warmth. The head scarf keeps the woman’s head and neck covered, while the poncho portion of the garment acts as a shawl to keep the chest and shoulders warm.

Other options for Spring Islamic clothing for women include brightly colored long dresses and hijabs. For young Muslim women, Spring is a time when formal events occur and many mainstream dresses are unsuitable because they do not provide enough coverage of the bust, back and arms of the young lady. The use of a colorful and formal jilbab provides Islamic clothing for women that is stylish enough to be worn at a graduation, wedding or other formal gathering, even as it covers nearly the entire body.

By designing the high quality Islamic clothing for women, Artizara has become a leader in Muslim women’s fashion. The focus of the clothing at Artizara is on the dual purposes of being religiously suitable and fashionable, so that the Islamic clothing for women makes the woman feel beautiful every time she wears it.

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