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Artizara Now Offering 10 off the First 40 Order


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- Since 2004 Artizara’s founders, Sarah Ansari and Asra Razzaque have been trying to provide Muslim women with the very best fashion choices available. They understand the religious customs of Islam and know that Muslim women struggle to find clothing that is fashionable and adheres to the modesty requirements of the Muslim faith. As a leader in Muslim fashion, including hijabs, jilbabs and other garments, Artizara is now pleased to offer $10 off the first $40 order for new customers.

Most people know that Islam asks that women maintain a modest appearance. To meet this requirement, women are required to cover their heads and necks, usually accomplished through the wearing of a hijab. For centuries, jilbabs have been another alternative to the traditional hijab. While hijabs are separate garments that can be worn over any item of clothing, the jilbabs at Artizara are a single garment that incorporates the head covering and a floor length dress. These jilbabs have the full covering that a hijab provides, but the jilbabs are designed to be color coordinated with the dress. Acting as a single garment, the jilbabs create a very sleek and stylish look that Muslim women look great wearing.

Artizara is proud of their products and they want Muslim women to have access to the garments they desire. The $10 online coupon serves to make their already competitively priced jilbabs even more affordable to Muslim women. By using this online coupon, Muslim women can buy jilbabs that are versatile enough to be worn as every day wear, but also look stylish enough to be worn on formal occasions.

Artizara is a leader in Muslim fashion. For the last decade, Artizara has strived to make Muslim clothing available to women that is both modest and fashionable. The high quality jilbabs succeed in meeting both of these objectives.

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