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Artizara Now Offering 40 off the Purchase of Two Dresses


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- Knowing that Muslim women have special clothing needs, Sarah Ansari and Asra Razzaque founded Artizara in 2004. This innovative company supplies Muslim dresses and other unique garments for Muslim women that fulfill their special religious customs and traditions. As a leader in the design and manufacture of Muslim dresses, Artizara is proud to announce that they are now offering $40 off the purchase of any two dresses.

Muslim women find that mainstream dresses do not meet their modesty needs. Most mainstream dresses are designed to be very revealing, often cut low in the front, with little fabric to cover the back. Muslim dresses, on the other hand, offer full coverage of the woman’s body, with exceptions for the hands, feet and face. Even if a mainstream dress has the coverage a Muslim woman needs, the dresses are often designed to be so tight as to be immodest. By choosing Muslim dresses a Muslim woman can find a dress that is not skin tight. Muslim women need these Muslim dresses in order to follow their religious traditions, while also being able to participate in the modern world.

Muslim dresses have several features that make them appealing. First, they have full body coverage. Second, the dresses come with textured weaves that make the dresses very stylish, and enhance the appearance of the fabric. Third, the dresses come in a variety of high quality fabrics that make these dresses suitable for any formal or casual occasion. Finally, the Muslim dresses have pleated side panels, which aid in increasing mobility in the dress without exposing any skin.

The Muslim dresses at Artizara are the perfect solution for Muslim women that want to look fashionable and follow their religious convictions. The dresses sold by Artizara follow the rules of Muslim dress, while providing garments with modern styles.

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