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Artizara Now Offers Free Shipping on US Orders


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2013 -- Outside of places where Islam is the dominant religion, finding religiously suitable clothing for Muslims is extremely difficult. Cultural norms in the West tend towards the sexualization of the female body, and so most Western styles are unacceptable for Muslim women. Artizara, a San Diego based Muslim clothing company, has the perfect solution, with contemporary designs for hijabs, jilbabs and every other garment that Muslim women could need all in one place. Artizara is pleased to announce they are now offering free shipping on domestic orders of over $100.

With the clothing available at Artizara, Muslim women can practice their religious beliefs and look good doing so. One of the biggest challenges that Muslim women have faced is that Muslim clothing has been traditionally very bland. The jilbabs had no line, and no flow. The hijabs were a single color that did not match anything. The maxi dresses were little more than shapeless sacks. This led to a crisis for Muslim women, especially professional women who need great looking clothes when they go to work. Artizara was formed to address this issue, by selling the highest quality and most fashionable Muslim clothing on the market.

With the free domestic shipping over $100, Artizara has further reduced the prices of their already affordable jilbabs, hijabs and other Muslim garments. Prices on the clothes are not much different from what a woman might pay in a regular department store. The orders can be processed quickly, and so Muslim women will not have to wait long to get clothing that will help them look their best.

In a world where modesty has fallen out of style, Artizara stands as one of the few clothing companies that promotes Muslim values, and traditional Muslim clothing like jilbabs and hijabs. The quality of the clothing, the contemporary styles and the commitment to affordability make Artizara a company to watch.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit or call toll free at (866) 278-4927.