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Artizara Now Provides Hijabs Dyed to Match Their Muslim Clothing


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- Looking fashionable has long been a struggle for Muslim women. The mainstream clothing available is too immodest, and the traditional Muslim clothing; well, let’s just say making the woman wearing it look good was never the goal there.

In 2004, Artizara was founded to address these issues and provide Muslim women with garments, such as dresses and hijabs that fulfill religious requirements and look stylish. As a way of making the hijabs as versatile as possible, Artizara offers hijabs that are dyed to match the other garments in their inventory.

Hijabs are a necessary part of a Muslim woman’s wardrobe. These head coverings are essential to maintaining modesty by covering the neck and head of the woman wearing it. Too often the hijabs were limiting the fashion choices of women because the hijabs came in a limited amount of colors and styles. With only a handful of hijabs to choose from, there were very few garments that could be used to match the hijabs in a woman’s wardrobe. This meant that women either had to wear a hijab that did not match, or a dress that they did not like in order to fulfill their religious convictions.

Artizara allows women to make a fashion statement with their incredibly colorful hijabs. Since these garments are dyed to match the other colors in the Artizara inventory, Muslim women can choose the dress or skirt in the style that they like, and then match the hijabs to the garment, instead of the other way around. This allows Muslim women to have more freedom in their clothing choices and gives the hijabs at Artizara much greater versatility.

About Artizara
As a leader in Muslim fashion, Artizara provides Muslim women with the very best hijabs and other garments needed to maintain a modest lifestyle. With color coordinated hijabs, Muslim women can mix and match their wardrobes and feel beautiful in their Muslim clothing.

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