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Artizara Offers Discounts on Their Line of Dresses


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- In the modern world women need to have a variety of different types of clothing to meet different social situations. As women transition from their school years to their working life, these different styles are more and more important, since women will have to have to be able dress for work and their other professional activities. Artizara is the leading designer for Muslim clothing in the United States and they are now offer discounts on their line of maxi dresses and jilbabs.

Founded with the vision of making Muslim clothing more trendy and fashion forward for the modern woman, Artizara works hard to update traditional Muslim garments. The clothing helps to promote Muslim values of modesty and works as a way to express cultural pride that looks great. Their line of clothing includes all of the pieces that a Muslim woman needs to dress for home, work and the special events in their life. As an online retailer, Artizara is giving Muslim women an alternative to mainstream department stores, no matter where they live.

The dresses are made with the highest quality materials available, including silk and chiffon, which make them exceptionally well suited for after work activities and social events, even including high society black tie affairs. The high end dresses can run as much as $300 after the discount, but there are cheaper options available that are well under $100. What makes the dresses even more affordable is that most of them come with a head covering that is specifically matched to the dress, so there is no need to go searching for another piece for the ensemble.

To see the full line of dresses and discounts customers can go to . With the additional discount Artizara is making Muslim women’s fashion affordable and appealing to the modern Muslim woman.

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