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Artizara Reveals Palestinian Embroidered Dresses


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- Muslim women who want to look good at formal events find that their best choices are the maxi dresses and jilbabs that are readily available from online Muslim retailers. These styles have been around for centuries, but the special efforts of companies like Artizara have updated the design and colors to be more acceptable to a modern audience. As a leader in the sale of Muslim clothing, Artizara has one of the largest selections on the internet, and they are proud to announce even more options with the inclusion of Palestinian embroidered dresses.

The key to formal dresses for Muslim women is the amount of modesty the dress provides for the woman. Most of the Western designs are cut low along the neck, which reveals cleavage, or they do not have backs or straps. Even rarer to find in Western designs are dresses that have long sleeves that extend all the way to the wrist, like Muslim women need. If a Muslim woman is able to find a dress that does cover all of her skin except for the hands and the face, there is still the issue of being so tight that the dress is form fitting. The dresses at Artizara solve all of these issues. Maxi dresses provide all of the covering that a woman needs, while being loose enough to be considered modest. The best part about this design is that it fits close enough to allow freedom of movement, so Muslim women can enjoy activities like dancing.

The expansion of Artizara’s clothing line to include Palestinian embroidered dresses adds an extra level of sophistication to Muslim clothing. The embroidery contains colors and designs that accentuate the clothing and the woman who wears them. In addition, the extra colors provide more options for hijabs to match the dress, which gives women more flexibility in their wardrobes.

At women can see all of the formal maxi dresses and hijabs that Artizara has to offer. With their wide range of styles and colors to choose from, Artizara stands to dominate the Muslim clothing market for years to come.

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