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Artizara Unveils Timeless Tunics


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2013 -- The dress code for Muslim women asks that they maintain a level of modesty that is not seen among Western fashion designers. The clothing is either too revealing or too tight to be considered modest, so Muslim women have to seek out alternative sources to find clothing they can wear. Among the biggest challenges for Muslim women has been to find clothing that is suitable in all situations, and not just dresses that meet modesty requirements.

Artizara is an online fashion boutique that caters to the Muslim woman. Offering a full selection of traditional Muslim attire, this store provides women with choices and options that have been previously unavailable in the United States. All of the items are designed to give women a garment that not only meets the requirements of modesty, but one that looks good and makes the woman wearing it feel good as well.

The new Timeless Tunics at help Muslim women fill a void in their wardrobes. The tunics are all long enough that they cover the lower back whenever the woman moves, and they have the long sleeves that Muslim women need on their tops. Because these tunics are designed to be separates, Muslim women can mix and match them with different pairs of pants or skirts, so that the same tunic can be used to make multiple outfits. This helps to give Muslim women greater flexibility in their wardrobe, and reduces the amount of money that the woman needs to spend on clothing. What makes the tunics even more remarkable is that many of them have been prematched with a hijab, meaning that women do not have to worry about finding a hijab to match.

The tunics available from Artizara are just one example of the quality clothing Muslim women will find. From hijabs for every day use, to formal Palestinian embroidered jilbabs, there is clothing for every occasion with Artizara.

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