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Artizara's New Summer Looks Bring Fashion and Modesty to Muslim Women


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2013 -- One of the chief concerns of Muslim women living in the United States is being able to find clothing that is modest, yet still looks good. Traditional fashion may look great, but it does not provide enough coverage to be considered modest. Islamic clothing for women, on the other hand, fulfills the need for modesty, but often looks bland and unflattering. Artizara is a Muslim clothing retailer that is breaking new ground by giving Muslim women the styles that they want, with the modesty they require.

Founded in 2004, Artizara has quickly become a world leader in Islamic clothing for women by offering a full product line for every clothing situation a woman may face. The clothing at Artizara is flattering for the woman, but keeps Islamic principles of modesty as well. All of the items at Artizara are priced competitively with what women are able to find at more traditional department stores.

The new Summer Line at Artizara includes a wide range of lightweight garments that Muslim women need to make it through the extreme temperatures of the summer. The clothing includes a range of designs made of cotton, silk and fabric blends that are breathable and ensure the comfort of the woman wearing it. The tunic dresses are especially useful for the Muslim woman. These dresses can be mixed and matched with a number of different bottoms, so that the woman can create several different ensembles from the same foundational piece. A selection of t-shirts will enable the active Muslim woman to stay modest, even as she engages in strenuous outdoor activities.

The Islamic clothing for women at Artizara has been specially designed with the woman in mind, keeping an eye on fashion as well as modesty and comfort. The new Summer Line expands Artizara’s already large selection and gives Muslim women even more choices when building their wardrobe for the summer months.

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