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Arts to the Rescue: Uplifting New Book Shares Practical First-Hand Advice for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities

Written by Arts Educator and mother, Elena Zelenina, ‘Arts to the rescue’ proves that a parent’s instinct may prevail over medical advice. Written for families coping with childhood learning disability, Zelenina’s abundance of inspiration transposes into practical solutions that any parent can deploy to raise happy and successful children.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2013 -- While raising all children brings a unique set of challenges, those nurturing a child with learning disabilities have more to cope with than most. However, as a new book by Elena Zelenina proves – any child with physical or mental disabilities can flourish into a creative, happy and successful individual.

Having gained heaps of experience after her own daughter was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder, Zelenina’s new book shares all she has learned in the hope it will change the lives of others.

Synopsis of ‘Arts to the Rescue: Practical Advice for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities’:

In this book, Elena offers art focused advice for parents of children with learning disabilities.

She tells the story of raising her daughter who has Auditory Processing Disorder, while giving practical advice to the reader who may be in a similar situation as a parent.

As the author explains, her book offers so much more than straight-up advice.

“Rather than just lecture and preach, my book also tells my own life story and showcases how we can use experiences of adversity from our own lives to help those of our children. I came to the USA as an immigrant and had to build my own life here from the ground up,” says Zelenina.

Continuing, “I’m now proud to say that I’ve been running a successful art school in New Jersey for the past decade. I know that my daughter is poised for the same success and my book will help other parents prepare their children to plot the same course. Learning disability is no bar to achieving dreams.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews.

“I wish I knew about this book when my daughter was diagnosed with APD! What a breath of fresh air! This book is such a great inspiration to struggling loving parents who are seeking ways to help their child overcome this condition. I highly recommend it!” says Olga Lerner, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Dr. I Meskin was equally as impressed, adding, “I would definitely recommend this book as practical guide for parents of children with different learning disabilities and psychological emotional problems. As a pediatrician, I meet many parents who are frustrated and don't know how to help their children. Help at school plays a big role in their recovery but it is never enough. The most important thing that influences the upbringing of these children is what their parents provide at home after school. Elena's book can be an inspiration and provide the proper tools and ideas to guide parents in taking care of their kids.”

‘Arts to the Rescue: Practical Advice for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities’ is available now:


For more information, visit: http://biryukovacademy.com.

About Elena Zelenina
Elena Zelenina found herself at despair when her daughter was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder 12 years ago. The journey of discovery of mending techniques not only healed her daughter but also led her to the incredible secrets and powers that can be experienced through simple art exercises. She shares many wonderful short cuts in learning how to draw and paint in her workshops.

Elena authored a book for parents of children with learning disabilities “Arts to the Rescue.” The book gives practical advice and personal stories about raising a child with APD. Elena was born in Moscow, Russia in a family of two Russian artists. She has been running a successful arts school in New Jersey, Biryukov Academy, for 10 years. She has two masters degrees and taught in three different countries: Russia, India and USA. Elena is very active in her community producing over 30 arts show for various charities. She strongly believes that arts create incredible opportunities for growth for everyone who is ready to experience it.