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Fresno, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2016 -- Well known blogger Kimra Bettasso has recently interviewed Arturo Alvarez Demalde. Alvarez Demalde shows a few of his recent DIY projects along with a few home improvement tasks that he recently completed. In this interview Kimra Bettasso continues a long string of interviews with high profile people in her industry.

Beginning with a focus on DIY Kimra Bettasso takes this interview from bland to exciting with pointed questions that get to the heart of DIY and home improvement. That question is "Why". Bettasso asks that question of Arturo Alvarez Demalde many times and Alvarez Demalde answers with his own ways to overcome the problems he faced.

"I've found that each DIY project comes with it's own set of complications," says Alvarez Demalde. "Out of those complications arise a greater understanding to the medium in which your working. Wood for example is easier to work with than say aluminum, but wood is obviously not as rigid. Picking a material and knowing the desired outcome before you start is crucial."

Bettasso knows that lesson very well, she states, "When I first stated doing DIY projects on my own, I knew I had a pretty steep mountain to climb. I wasn't exactly well versed in what tools were best for which project, nor did I know how the tools worked. The first time I realized this was when I needed to rip a sheet of 4'x8' plywood. Since I had used a circular saw a few times, I grabbed it and made my mark. The mark was straight, but my cut was not. Turns out that without a guide a circular saw is very difficult to cut a straight line with!"

Alvarez Demalde laughed when he heard Bettasso's novice mistake, he says, "I love hearing stories like that. It's not that long ago that each of us was in her shoes. Everyone learns best by doing and sometimes the best way to learn is by mistake. One of my rookie mistakes was preparing for paint on a finished surface. It was one of my first projects and I knew that multiple coats were important for durability. The first coat went on smoothly. I left for the store to get a few supplies and left my piece outside sitting on sawhorses to dry in the sun. When I got back home there were grass clippings everywhere! While I was gone my gardener mowed the back lawn throwing grass all on my freshly painted wood. My mistake came when I assumed that picking off the grass made my piece ready for a second coat. In hindsight I should have let it dry at least a day, sanded really well and then put on another coat. Instead of sanding I went directly on with the second coat. Needless to say it never really smoothed out like I had hoped. A few days of third, fourth and fifth coats later I stripped the whole thing and had to start over. We all make mistakes, but learning from them is the most important lesson!"

Kimra Bettasso has featured other interviews and has more planned for 2016.

About Arturo Alvarez Demalde
Arturo Alvarez Demalde has recently been featured in an interview by Ian Leaf and will soon have an interview published by Rookstool.