Artworth Offering State-of-the-Art Decorative Lighting Solutions

Artworth has taken decorative lighting to a new level with its bold and exciting new designs in illumination. They maintain an inventory of a comprehensive selection of models, bringing up products that meet energy savings guidelines.


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2014 -- The decorative lighting industry is a specialty with Artworth. Their team of illumination experts can transform a dark, quiet room into a place of charm and magic with the touches of state-of-the-art lighting technology.

β€œLED technology has transformed decorative lighting. Fluorescent fixtures have been replaced with bold new styles while improving on energy saving features considerably We have an inventory of a comprehensive selection of models, bringing up products that meet energy savings guidelines while enabling consumers to save money as well as the environment. LED decorative lights give a party candle light glow without a flame. These can be used to add magic to any indoor setting. You will find very appealing designs with us, making it hard for you to choose between them,” commented a senior executive with the company.

Another area that the Artworth team excels in is the emerging technology for 3D Printed Lighting. While many people are not yet aware of this new illumination technique, the Artworth team is already expert in the field and will gladly work with any client to determine if this might be an appropriate solution for their needs.

β€œ3D printed lighting allows designers to use technology to create unique, ingenious designs. Lithophane lamps and sprawling forests of shadows can be achieved using innovative ideas and approaches. 3D printed lights with kaleidoscopic colors transform the spatial limitations, taking designing to next level. Artworth, a pioneer in LED lighting technology, rolls out 3D printed lights solutions that simply push the boundaries. Lighting designs are created using additive processes that jazz up the lighting decor. Most 3D printed lights require no supporting structure whatsoever,” stated the executive.

From the relatively ordinary to the spectacular, Artworth is able to provide the solution to all lighting needs. LED lights including pendant luminaire can be purchased online easily and affordably, and any kind of custom illumination needs can be designed by the expert professionals with the company.

About Artworth
Artworth is the brand name that markets modern lighting solutions. With a whole team of technology gurus working with Artworth, they have succeeded in helping the specialized lighting industry take great leaps forward. Artworth is an international company, and even though their main offices are situated in Shenzhen, China, it is still possible to buy LED lights online through their website. If any other services are needed, the company can be contacted by telephone or email to deal with one of the company specialists.