As Stock Slides, Readers Flock to Buy Insightful Memoirs by a Former Manager

On Friday January 31st, 2014, Amazon (ticker symbol: AMZN) stock price declined by 11% after it missed earnings estimates, again. The publisher of “inside the Giant Machine: An Story”, a book by a former Amazon employee has reported a steep rise in book’s sales.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2014 -- When people think of Fortune 500 companies, they usually imagine their employees to be well taken care of resulting in high employee retention rates—but when it comes to, surprisingly that is not the case. comes in 2nd on the list of highest employee turnover rates for Fortune 500 companies, with the average employee quitting after approximately 9 1/2 months.

After Amazon released its 2013 Q4 financials on January 31st, it shares (traded on NASDAQ symbol AMZN) shares dropped by 11% in one day. This leaves many wondering if Amazon’s company’s management style, described as oppressive by many former employees has finally caught up with the company, showing its effect on its bottom line. Center of Artificial Imagination, which is the publisher of "Inside the Giant Machine: An Story, second edition” has reported a steep rise in the book’s sales over the weekend.

In his shocking tell-all Memoir, author Kalpanik S. provides valuable insight into the company culture inside mega-retailer Kalpanik’s book was born out of a series of blog posts that were essentially an online journal of his time interviewing, researching and working at In the book he references how the company sets constantly increasing numeric quotas (metrics) for measuring each and every employee’s output and productivity, from number of calls answered per hour by customer support representatives and number of items packed by every warehouse worker to numbers of employees to be fired every year by every supervisor.

“When I joined Amazon, I was shocked to see how little the company cared about its employees. Coming from Silicon Valley, I was used to a work culture where employees contributed their best because they felt respected.” said Kalpanik S. author of “Inside the Giant Machine: An Story, second edition” and a former manager at “However, at Amazon, I was supposed to grade them on a ‘curve’ – and no matter how hard everyone worked and how well the team did, I was supposed to humiliate and fire 10% of the team members every year”

The printed edition of "Inside the Giant Machine: An Amazon. Com Story, Second Edition" can be purchased at Barnes and Noble book stores,, and several other online and brick and mortar booksellers.

In addition to the print edition, the eBook edition of the book is available on Amazon’s Kindle platform, Barnes and Noble’s Nook platform and Google Books.

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