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As Bed Bugs Become More Pesticide Resistant, Toronto Exterminators Uses Effective, Safe Alternatives

Bed Bugs Toronto have adapted to pesticides and other chemicals, only heat treatment can kill them now.


Toronto, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- According to the Center For Disease Control in the United States, the recent surge in bed bud infestations is actually a return to the norm of how things were for thousands of years before a brief period of respite between the 1970s up to the early 2000s.  Humans, it seems, have a biological and historical connection to these bugs going back to the dawn of civilization.  In fact, bed bugs are termed "nesting parasites" by experts, which means they choose a nest to inhabit.  Unfortunately for all of us, that nest just happens to be our own bedrooms and living spaces.

For the last several years, larger cities such as Toronto and New York have been subjected to bed bug outbreaks, spurred on by international travel that brought thousands of people from various cultures and parts of the world into these cities to work and visit.  While exterminators attacked these colonies of bugs using the latest and most trusted pesticides within their arsenal, they slowly begin to discover that such treatments were often ineffective at removing the colony, which would replenish itself in a matter of days after the treatment.  As it turns out, bed bugs are especially adept at becoming resistant to pesticides.  This has led many companies, including the Torontobased Bed Bugs and Beyond to use alternatives that, as it turns out, are not only safer for humans but more effective at killing bug colonies with one treatment.

Bed bugs in Toronto have long been a public health menace, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage each year and producing untold misery for the residents Bed Bugs and Beyond uses an innovative thermal heat treatment process which they guarantee will kill all the bugs within one's home.  In fact, the company offers a bold 90 day guarantee to all customers.  While studies by entomologists have shown that the majority of pesticide treatments have to be applied three or more times to be effective against most bed bug colonies, the advanced heat treatment used by Bed Bugs and Beyond kills off whole populations usually with just one treatment.

Heat treatment works amazingly well because it is based on one simple scientific fact:  bed bugs cannot tolerate temperatures exceeding 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  At that temperature, the bug is killed at all stages of its lifecycle.  This is very important, as most pesticide treatments don't kill larvae, which of course transform into new bugs within a matter of days.

Many experts believe that pesticides no longer work effectively enough to justify their use in the industry.  Beyond that, these chemicals are also unsafe for pets and humans, as residue is often left behind in the homes after a treatment. Torontobased residents, however, now have a safe alternative for removing bed bugs from their homes.  Bed Bugs and Beyond offer a friendly, fast service that is guaranteed to be totally effective at removing these bugs from homes or places of business.  For more information or to receive a quote, visit their website today.

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