As Birmingham's Rat Problem Increases a Leading Pest Control Company Responds to CRRU Best Practice Guidelines


Birmingham, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2016 -- With Birmingham ranking number one in the UK last year for rat infestations, Birmingham pest control specialist, Midland Pest Control Ltd, explains how the city can effectively tackle this increasing threat in line with recent guidelines from the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide.

For many traders throughout the city, reports that there were over 14,800 callouts to deal with rat infestations last year may not come as a surprise. Having a reputation as a 'foodie' city and with scores of highly regarded restaurants and eating establishments throughout the area, understanding just how to keep rats and other pests at bay effectively and inline with industry best practice should be regarded as a priority in order to maintain local authority hygiene ratings, business reputations and of course, paying customers.

According to the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) has launched a detailed document that examines the usage of SGAR's, otherwise known as second-generation anticoagulants. SGAR's are an effective solution to rodent control but are hazardous to non-target animals. As a result of their usage in rodent control they can be found extensively in the systems of many predatory and scavenging species of mammals and birds.

The CRRU guidelines aim to build on existing codes, including the BPCA's own, and provide a summary of the current situation regarding SGAR use. Ruth Hurley of Midland Pest Control Ltd, a regional leader in the provision of rodent control services, commented on the CRRU guidelines: "With Birmingham having such a significant rat problem and with the livelihood of many local business owners depending on the effective control of rodents, CRRU guidelines emphasise how important it is that those engaging in rodent and pest control are qualified and experienced in the application of any pest control chemicals".

Rats and many other pests, including mice and cockroaches, are drawn towards environments where there is food. Premises serving food need to have robust cleaning, food storage and preparation systems in place, along with regular and thorough pest checks. Birmingham will begin to experience a sharp increase in pest numbers as summer advances and businesses wishing to stay one step ahead of the increasing pest populations should ensure that pest control strategies are put into place now.

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