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As Days Heat Up, Reviewz Rock Releases Major New Collection of Summer Product Reviews

Covering everything from bathing suits to special summer lipstick, new batch of product reviews is site's hottest yet, Reviewz Rock reports


New Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2015 -- With the hottest days of the year descending on much of the Northern Hemisphere, leading product review website Reviewz Rock has just published a rich new wave of summer-oriented reviews and articles. Ranging from an in-depth look at one of the web's top swimsuit sources to a guide to the most exciting lipstick colors for the summer months, the new Reviewz Rock resources are available for free to all visitors to In the few months since the site's founding, Reviewz Rock has quickly become one of the Internet's most trusted and popular sources for a wide range of product reviews.

"Summer is a favorite time of year for many people, so making the most of it is a must," Reviewz Rock co-founder V.K. Rajagopalan said, "Our fresh new collection of summer-oriented reviews and content is our way of lending a hand. We've taken brand-new, unbiased looks at some of the products our loyal readers were most curious about, and have thrown in a number of fun, summery articles as a bonus. Our Reviewz Rock and so do our readers!"

Subjected to never-ending marketing efforts and a bewildering breadth of buying options, modern consumers have learned to be savvy and selective. For many online shoppers today, that means seeking out reviews produced by others like them, as many believe such personal takes are the most likely to deliver the kinds of useful insights that can help with purchasing decisions. One study conducted by Dimensional Research, in fact, established that 9 in 10 shoppers regularly take positive reviews into account when deciding what to buy, with nearly as many giving weight to negative ones.

Unfortunately, finding reliable reviews can be harder than it looks. The large collections hosted by online marketplaces like might give a feeling for general sentiment, but rarely contain much in the way of detail. Even worse, finding helpful reviews of particular online retailers and services can be almost impossible.

Reviewz Rock was founded to help overcome these deficits, giving readers a single, authoritative place to find the Internet's most useful collection of general purpose product reviews. With a panel of expert reviewers who consistently maintain the highest standards of objectivity and diligence, the site has quickly become one of the most talked-about and frequently visited of its kind.

The new wave of summer-focused Reviewz Rock reviews and articles, then, will make a big splash with the site's many readers. A surprise addition to the regular, ongoing updates that Reviewz Rock visitors already count on and appreciate, the special new content push includes a number of frequently requested reviews of products with special relevance to the summer season. The new summer-oriented content is available now for all to enjoy at the Reviewz Rock website.

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