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As Economy Improves California Construction Loans Offers Advice to Would-Be Buyers


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2012 -- The California construction industry has experienced a five-year decline, leaving some wondering when the right time will be to start building again. However, according to experts, California's building industry should be see a bounce back soon as optimism in new homes, businesses and property values begin to rise again.

According to Rick Gomez, Branch Manager of California Construction Loans, "The time is now to begin thinking about the land you want, what you want to build and how you are going to get your financing. Securing your financing with a company that is competent with the construction loan process and can consult with you about your needs and requirements is the key to loan approval in today's market."

Gomez says that many consumers today feel they will be turned down by California lenders and are shy to try because of this. But a quality company will have sources outside of the state to refer you. "California Construction Loans, for example, provides lending sources from all over the country, updating our sources continually to make sure we have the best loans available to our customers." This is good news for the consumer who has been waiting to build his dream home. Gomez continues, explaining how consumers have lost confidence in banks. "Remember when it was easy to find construction loans from banks that were once trusted?" He asks. "So many of them have either shut down their construction loan departments or gone out of business completely. The consumer in today's economy often doesn't know where to turn for advice and information."

Gomez advises that "california construction loans are unlike any other loans in the industry. It's important you work with someone who understands the lender guidelines in all four areas of approval: customer approval, project approval, builder approval and appraiser approval." He explains. "Most customers rarely contemplate the importance of the lenders' guidelines when choosing a bank until it's too late and have to start all over looking for a new lender. We get the phone calls every day from those who've run into problems, asking us to help. These families have applied to local banks and were turned down. But, most problems would never have happened if they had just called us first. We know which lenders have the best interest rates, loan to values, debt to income ratios, loan to cost versus finished values, fast turn times and yes, even exceptions. We have lenders with common sense underwriting."

About California Construction Loans
California Construction Loans is approved with all of the major banks and investors. Their experience and reputation, along with nationwide construction loan volume, has allowed them to develop strong relationships with lenders over the years. California Construction Loans has positioned their business to pass these benefits from their access through wholesale channels on to the consumer.