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As Fiscal Cliff Looms - Local Jobs Rise in United States.

While economic experts fear that the United States will soon fall off the fiscal cliff, the rise in local jobs and work from home jobs appears to prove that the employment climate has its feet firmly on the ground.


Waco, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2012 -- Work from home jobs have always provided a saving grace for those looking to either earn extra cash or give up their day job. Coupled with a sharp rise in the number of local jobs across the country, the employment situation is a far cry from the sorry state it was at just a few years ago.

With economists basing much of their statistics on employment by national corporations and the Government, many experts in the local jobs arena believe that smaller opportunities are often left forgotten.

“Larger employers do make up the majority of jobs in North America, but many smaller operations and self-employed persons account for a huge piece of the pie,” says Jessie Sotomayor, who keeps a firm handle on the career climate as part of her professional remit.

She continues, “For example, work from home jobs provide a very successful and accessible way for people to earn a part or full-time income with little difficulty. In fact, work from home jobs often transforms the lives of those who need them after suffering a job loss or cut in hours.”

With the economy set to topple once again, could work from home jobs provide the income and stability that the average American desires?

“Working from home has huge and insurmountable benefits over working for someone else. Aside from retaining full control and being able to mould a career around existing commitments, there is no better way to open the doors to uncapped earning potential and all of the tax benefits that go along with work from home jobs,” Sotomayor adds.

Recent statistics show that a large proportion of those who lost their jobs in the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 embarked on their own work from home adventure. With many not looking to return to ‘regular’ employment, could the work from home jobs craze overtake the number of regularly employed Americans?

Sotomayor tells the experts to hold their breath.

“There are no official figures to go by, and I don’t think the sheer number of available employed jobs will ever be seriously threatened by those working from home. However, with such a large country that boasts hundreds of millions of jobs, the numbers of people working from home is definitely in the tens of millions,” she concludes.

In short, work from home jobs may be more attractive than first thought. With the edge of the fiscal cliff firmly in sight, time will only tell how many people will ‘cross over’ and say goodbye to their boss for good.