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As Interest in Natural Hair Increases Hair Care Producers Rush to Meet the Growing Demand


Homewood, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2014 -- Loc-cessories, a retailer of accessories for natural hairstyles has announced the introduction of a new product meant to meet the demand of the growing natural hair community.

Natural hair is a term used to describe African-American hairstyles that embrace hair free of chemicals. Historically, many African-Americans have felt pressure to straighten their hair using chemical relaxers. The relaxed hairstyle trend was motivated by a desire to conform to Caucasian standards of beauty largely promoted by the media.

In recent years, more and more African-American women have begun to grow interested in foregoing the use of chemical relaxers, feeling that embracing their natural hair was important for promoting a culture in which Black men and women feel pride in their appearances, as well as, avoiding the harmful health consequences of repeated chemical exposure. The natural hair community's growth is reflected in the sales figures for relaxers, which are now on the decline. While sales revenues from hair relaxers grossed $206 million in 2008, in 2013, only $152 million was made by the relaxer industry.

The shift from emphasis on relaxed hair to natural hair has left a void in the hair care industry. Many African-American women are now looking for products to help them style and maintain twists, braids and dreadlocks rather than at-home relaxers, straightening shampoos and similar products. Loc-cessories has been striving to meet the demands of consumers with hair accessories made for dreadlocks and other natural hairstyles.

Loc-cessories has now introduced a new product based on feedback received from the natural hair community. Called the “Original Ouchless, Snagless InstaLoc” Hair Tool for Dreadlock Maintenance, this needle-like tool is designed for stitching dreadlocks to start the style or to maintain it. The tool takes the place of latch-hooks and crochet needles that are often used for styling dreadlocks at home and offers a safe, painless solution for dreadlock maintenance that won’t damage the hair.

As Loc-cessories founder K. Hill explained, "The InstaLoc furthers Loc-cessories commitment to providing solutions for men and women who wish to embrace the beauty of their natural hair. This product was created to meet the need for a professional hairstyling tool available for home use for starting or maintaining dreadlocks. This loc stitch tool changes that. It will help more men and women just beginning to explore natural hairstyles have an easier transition and provide utility for those who have worn locks for years."

The “InstaLoc” is available for purchase on Amazon and retails for $4.99 plus shipping. For more information, contact Loc-cessories at 708-365-9395.

About Loc-cessories
Founded in 2011, Loc-cessories is an online retailer of accessories made for natural hairstyles. The company was founded by K. Hill, a member of the natural hair community, to meet the needs of men and women foregoing relaxed hairstyles in favor of styles that accentuate curls, coils and kinks. The store carries handmade loc beads, loc cuffs, loc jewelry, loc ties, men's hair accessories, bridal accessories and hair care tools for maintaining dreadlocks. The company is based in Honolulu, HI and ships to locations worldwide. Loc-cessories also maintains a website that provides hair care tips, news about natural hairstyles and resources for the natural hair community.

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