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As London Faces Nation's Highest Rates of Pest Infestation, Many Turn to PestControl-London.org.uk


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2012 -- City living; it’s an ambition for many. Cafes, nightlife, a cosmopolitan lifestyle. From every quarter people are told that living in the heart of a big, bustling city is an exciting, fun experience.

There are, however, a few things residents don’t get told and, unfortunately, most find out the hard way. First and foremost is the fact that, for inner London residents at least, their exciting new city apartment is right in the middle of one of the most pest infested areas in the nation. A whole host of undesirables call the London boroughs home, including mice, rats, ants, bedbugs and more. The dream of city living can soon be shattered once these pests come to call.

Luckily, residents eager to control mice London have somewhere to turn; the knowledgeable and experienced team at London Pest Solutions. A firm that specialises in dealing with inner-urban infestations, London Pest Solutions has made a name for themselves as experts in the field of London pest control. Available online at http://pestcontrol-london.org.uk London Pest Solutions are making it easier than ever before to solve a pest problem in London, and thousands of businesses and residents couldn’t be happier.

The densely-packed population of many parts of London makes it an ideal breeding ground for a huge multitude of pests. Not only is food and shelter readily available, but there are also innumerable nooks and crannies whereby mice, rats, insects and other pests can hide. Due to the ingenuity of these creatures, nothing is off limits; restaurants, offices, apartments, it’s all fair game. Thankfully, the team behind London Pest Solutions have made inner city pest control their bread and butter, delivering outstanding results in even the most difficult environments.

Due to their significant experience working within London’s urban landscape, London Pest Solutions are particularly adept at meeting the needs of their urban clientele, both commercial and residential. By utilising a combination of an extremely dedicated, experienced team and the absolute best pest control technology available, London Pest Solutions can safely ensure that pests of all types have no-where to hide. From rats and mice to ants, cockroaches and more, there’s no pest too big or too small for London Pest Solutions, inner London’s premier pest control agency.

About London Pest Solutions
London Pest Solutions is a comprehensive provider of specialised urban pest control services to London and surrounds. With the news that London boroughs are some of the most significantly infested areas of the nation, many families and businesses are choosing the experts at London Pest Solutions to take care of their pest control needs. For those suffering from rats, ants, squirrels, mice and more, it’s hard to go past the experienced team at London Pest Solutions. For more information, visit http://www.pestcontrol-london.org.uk