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As the 36th Anniversary of Elvis's Death Draws Near, New Fictional Biography Depicts 'What If' the King Lived Beyond August 16th, 1977.

Written by 20-year veteran recording industry executive and self-confessed Elvis admirer, Bruce Portmann, ‘Elvis Presley My Second Chance’ weaves fact with fiction to tell an alternative story of Presley’s life if he hadn’t died on that fateful day. Written in a unique fictional biography style, this compelling novel is poised to resonate with readers around the world.


Jupiter, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2013 -- At 15:30 on August 16th, 1977, the world changed forever for many. With the sudden news of Elvis Presley’s death shocking the world and prompting a statement from President Jimmy Carter declaring the now late Presley had “permanently changed the face of American popular culture”, the date is charred in history as the day the music really died. However, a bold new book from a veteran recording industry executive is breathing new life into The King, by depicting what may have happened had he lived on.

‘Elvis Presley: My Second Chance’ takes the form of an alternative biography. Boasting an engrossing narrative that is chock-full of Presley real-life facts, the book is provoking intense thought about how the rest of Elvis’ life may have played out.


‘Elvis Presley: My Second Chance,’ is an alternate biography about Elvis and what might have happened if he lived past August 16, 1977, but it's not what you might have expected.

This innovative concept is fiction, incorporating a bit of history and romance into a story that stretches the bounds of reality. Instead of a fatal heart attack that day, Elvis is felled by a stroke. He survives this life altering event, which becomes the catalyst for physical, mental and spiritual changes. But there are highs and lows along the way. Read how it might have unfolded as Elvis finds himself, love and an expanded career.

As the author explains, the novel is brought to vivid life through his own love of Elvis and two decades of experience within the recording industry.

“I first saw Elvis perform on a black and white TV appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show. I also experienced his charismatic energy while attending a live performance in Baltimore, MD many years later. Both made a lasting impression on me; I’m proud to be one of the millions of hard-core Elvis Presley fans out there. Looking back on my long and varied career in the record industry, I realized that both the industry and the public are still wondering what may have happened if Elvis hadn’t have died in August of 1977,” says Portmann, who worked as International Marketing & Promotion Director for Capital Records, EMI America and United Artist Records.

Continuing, “So, I decided to pull from my background and passion to write this book as a tribute to Elvis’s memory. It is of course fiction, but all of the historical details within the book are factually accurate and the narrative is wholly plausible. To those who think The King isn’t dead, could this have been his fate?”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews. For example, one reader commented, “It is a great fantasy read. I liked it because it made you wonder how Elvis would have behaved if he had been given a second chance.”

While his story fictionally extends the life of the global music icon, Bruce is confident that the influence of Elvis Presley will live on indefinitely.

“It’s not as if Elvis was a small-time star with no personality. He is a true cultural icon that will continue to dominate both the music and American history books for the rest of time. I hope my book gives fans something to think about; perhaps even convince them that, for a brief moment, he is still alive and preforming,” he adds.

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Elvis Presley: My Second Chance’, published by BMPortmann Publishing, LLC, is available now: http://amzn.to/13Q9y4G

About Bruce Portmann
Bruce Portmann is a twenty plus year veteran of the record industry, working his way up from a clerk in a single retail location, to becoming to becoming International Marketing and Promotion Director for Capital Records and subsidiary labels EMI America and United Artist Records. The list of artists he promoted and sometimes befriended includes but is not limited to Bob Seger, Helen Reddy, Steve Miller, Anne Murray, Pink Floyd, John Lennon, Grand Funk Railroad and Paul McCartney.