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As the Debate on Energy Prices Continues to Rage, Economy Energy Paves the Way for Low Cost Gas

With just a little ingenuity and initiative, it is possible to control your electricity bills says Economy Energy


Warwickshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- Undoubtedly, energy bills are the biggest outgoings for an average middle class family in the United Kingdom. In fact, they're a huge issue of contention in the country now. But with a little initiative it is possible to cut down on the monthly energy and gas bills.

Unfortunately, not many know that just by simply replacing incandescent or regular light with energy saving light bulbs, they can drastically cut down their energy bills. "This, and turning the lights off when not required can save you up to 20% of your monthly spending," says a spokesperson for Economy Energy. About 10% of the energy sourced by this company comes from renewable sources and efforts are on to increase these figures.

Unlike other companies, they do not have a standing charge- customers pay only for what they use and have only one tariff so as to keep matters simple and clear. "Besides saving on energy light bulbs, simple steps such as turning off appliances when they're not in use (rather than leaving them on standby), turning the heat on only when required, wearing enough warm clothes (thermals, an extra jumper, etc.), using draught excluders etc. also helps," adds the spokesperson.

He goes on to add that a major source of electricity wastage is improper insulation. Heat escapes from improperly insulated doors and windows. Before the cold spell begins, it is important to bring in an expert and check for possible leakage. The Energy Saving Trust, UK offers a lot of help in this regard. It offers advice on ways to reduce electricity usage.

Advertising and marketing also adds up to the costs and is indirectly added to the final price charged to the customer. "Look for companies that do not go for glitzy advertorials and publicity gimmicks or opt for fancy offices; the money saved on these campaigns are directly passed on to consumers. But don't miss out on customer service when looking for cheaper tariffs," he adds.

About Economy Energy
Economy Energy offers low cost gas and energy, and is regularly featured on price comparison sites where customers can save money. They do not have a standing charge, thereby letting customers pay only for they use.

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