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As the Nights Grow Longer, Unexpected Guests Are Coming - Columbia Pest Control Warns of Rodents and Pests Seeking a New Home


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2015 -- Columbia Pest Control today warned homeowners that rodents, among other pests, were starting their annual search for warm homes to move into—and that anyone could find themselves victims of an infestation without taking the right precautions.

"For residents of the states of Oregon and Washington, fall is traditionally a time of year when rodents and other pests start seeking warmth—and all too often that means their homes," said Mike Giskaas, owner of Portland-based exterminators Columbia Pest Control. "Their logic can't be faulted: not only are residential homes warm, they're also a great source of nearby food and water. However, rodents can cause significant health and safety issues. If homeowners suspect they have an infestation, they should be calling a pest control expert as soon as possible for a professional check and appropriate action."

When it comes to rodents, signs of a potential infestation often include seeing little pellets of droppings, especially near food storage areas. Food packages that have gnawing marks are also an excellent indicator. Columbia Pest Control advises anyone who has seen these telltale signs to call an exterminator as soon as possible.

Since rodents typically snuggle into dark nooks and crannies away from the human eye, it may not be possible to see the true extent of the infestation—or dangerous damage that threatens the lives of house residents, such as electrical wires that have been gnawed at.

So, find a Portland pest control team that offers in-depth knowledge, advice and a variety of extermination treatments to help best combat rodent home invasions.

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