"Asbestex" The Market Leader in Quality Asbestos Removal and Management Services in Sydney

Sydney based “Asbestex” has been the industry leader for over 5 years in assisting the growing industry demands in eradicating and managing the environmental, health and financial risks associated with asbestos.


North Parramatta, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- The critical health effects and hazards caused by asbestos have been long known to everyone. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral it is about 50 to 200 times thinner than a human hair and can be invisible to the naked eye and easily breathed into the lungs. Materials containing asbestos were banned by federal government since 1940’s. Asbestos can cause fatal effects on lungs that can even lead to lung cancer. In such a scenario we need effective and economic services that can assure optimum eradication and management of all hazards associated with asbestos.

In order to ensure complete protection of people and their assets against the various ill effects of asbestos, people need a well-planned, foolproof and quality asbestos service that ensure the intended results. “Asbestex” are the industry leaders since last 5years and the most trusted and experienced people to consult for asbestos testing, removal and asbestos inspections in Sydney. The major services offered by them include asbestos waste removal, Asbestos testing and sampling, hazardous transportation, asbestos disposal, surveys and site registers, air monitoring, drying, clearance certification, contaminated soil remediation and consultation

Mr.Micheal Elkorr, of “Asbestex” opened up, “Our personals with over 50 years of extensive experience in handling and carrying out high risk works with asbestos are our true assets. All our services are dedicated towards the health, safety, awareness and well-being of our clients and their assets. On every project big or small our trained and highly experienced teams of professionals work tirelessly to develop site specific asbestos removal control plans, waste management plans and risk assessments. In short ‘Asbestex’ is ready on time, every time.”

A pleased client expressed, “The whole experience with Asbestex has been wonderful, Asbestos was discovered in our office during a major renovation project and everything was put on hold. The experienced, friendly and highly skilled staff at ‘Asbestex’ got everything back on track with timely planning, efficient execution and quality asbestos removal services. They have our highest recommendation.”

About Asbestex
Asbestex was developed and launched to assist a growing industry demand in eradicating or managing the environmental, health and financial risks associated with asbestos. They are the industry leader in providing new and innovative ways to exceed industry regulations while completing projects safely and under budget.

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