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Ascendant Group CEO Asks: Are Companies Paying for Overhead or for Performance?

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Newark, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/30/2016 -- Raoul Davis, CEO of Ascendant Group, has been pondering a question: When companies hire branding firms based in major metropolises, do they realize that they're paying for overhead as much as anything else?

"There are so many firms located in cities like New York and Los Angeles, and the cost of doing business there is just tremendous," Davis said. "That means that they have to charge more just to cover the overhead of having an office in the city. One thing I've always been proud of about Ascendant Group is that the rates we charge are directly related to our performance, rather than going toward overhead."

Ascendant Group focuses on emphasizing the capabilities and expertise of CEOs of organizations both public and private. The company's efforts boost the credibility of leaders, make stakeholders more confident and add to revenue. It is a strategy rooted in establishing and building a solid reputation that resonates with customers and demonstrates the trustworthiness of a given CEO and his or her company.

One of Ascendant Group's promises to clients is that the company will meet expectations and a guaranteed minimum number of media placements, even if it has to do so at its own expense.

"We'll either meet our clients' expectations, or we'll do it on our own dime," Davis said. "And we focus on outcomes, not output. We carefully target media for placements, because merely being visible isn't enough, and it doesn't help our clients meet their objectives."

About Ascendant Group
Built on referrals and inspired by trust since 2004, Ascendant Group utilizes a proprietary CEO brand development and implementation model that is amongst the most integrated in the world. With a clientele that ranges from multi-billion dollar Chinese companies to midsize companies in the U.S., and retired professional athletes with business ventures, Ascendant offers a vast experience across a number of industries. Recently the company was named a Founding Member of the Forbes Agency Council; a designation reserved for some of the world's leading agencies.