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'Asfan' Vintage Collections Introduces Thirteen Original Art Prints Based on Original Artworks


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2014 -- 'Asfan Vintage Collections' has just introduced thirteen original prints based on his original works of art. The thirteen new prints feature Asfan’s “Stand Steel” theme and are artistic representations of his original art that features collections of tools that were picked up and collected to create the artistic works. This unique style of art has proven very popular with collectors and for those who want to experience Asfan’s works, but who cannot obtain an original piece, these prints are a great way to experience Asfan’s creations.

Asfan, which means “collector” in Hebrew, has always been fascinated with the objects people use and discard. Heavily influenced by the many objects lying around his grandmother’s house, Asfan became a collector of “things” and can often be found at flea markets exploring for those common items that many think have no value. Rather than simply collect these items and store them or leave them lying around the house, Asfan takes them and displays them in his unique works of art. Each item that he collects is groups with similar items to create the theme of the art work. Asfan’s goal is to display these items that once had purpose. As he recently stated, “I feel that these items once meant something to someone and through my work, they will mean something again, to me and to the art collector.”

The thirteen original prints just released are from Asfan’s “Stand Steel” collection of work. The original artwork features some of the many tools Asfan has collected over the years arranged on a chosen background and organized as a collage to present symmetry, balance and synergy between the objects.

Asfan creates prints from his original artwork using his Digitization Process. During this process, Asfan first takes a picture of the original art work and then processes that image in graphic design software. The flexibility of the graphics software allows Asfan to manipulate the same image into many different images which can be printed and hung.

The Art prints are currently available at Asfan’s website by visiting Visitors the site will also find more information about Asfan and his artistic creations. The website also has an embedded form on its “Contact” page so visitors can communicate directly with Asfan. Asfan also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.