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ASGCO Helps Power Plant Reduce Dust Levels by 60%

Objective: Reduce the airborne dust and carryback using ASGCO® Washbox Secondary Belt Cleaning System


Allentown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2013 -- Industry: Coal-Fired Power Plant
Application: Tripper Conveyor Feeding the Coal Bunkers
Product: ASGCO Washbox Secondary Belt Cleaning System
Objective: Reduce the airborne dust and carryback

Current guidelines for combustible dust control are critical to any safe operating coal fired power plant or any operation that is handling materials that can create combustible dust. The tripper floor at this power plant had a large unhealthy volume of dust suspended in the air that would make it difficult to see from one end of the room to the other. Operators had to wear dust masks and respirators and at times that wasn’t enough.

The Dust Control Team from the power plant worked with ASGCO® to help with the installation and operating procedures of the Washbox to help reduce the dust and carryback in the tripper room. The Washbox is a self-contained belt cleaning system uses a combination of water sprays, tungsten carbide belt cleaners and rubber/urethane squeegee’s to help They implemented and refined the system and programed the water source to turn on upon startup of the conveyor and shuts the system off five (5) minutes after the conveyor belt shuts off.

Air quality tests being performed, have proven that the airborne dust levels in this area of the plant showed a reduction of dust levels of 60% or greater. Operators that were originally against the Washbox, now insist that it runs every day. Dust levels without the Washbox averaged 6 mg/m3 and dust levels with the Washbox average less than 2 mg/m3 .

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