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Ash Vacuum Reviews Publishes New Information About Home Fires

Many individuals are surprised to learn that nearly 74 percent of fire related deaths in the home are the result of space heaters, including wood stoves, reports


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2015 -- According to the Red Cross, the second most prevalent cause of home fires continues to be home heating devices, including wood stoves. Space heaters, both of the fixed and portable variety, account for nearly 74 percent of fire related deaths, and wood stoves fall into this category. The Red Cross recommends that wood stoves, fireplaces, chimneys, coal stoves and furnaces be professionally examined a minimum of once a year. When the wood stove needs to be cleaned between inspections, an ash vacuum cleaner becomes of great help, and Ash Vacuum Reviews examines various makes and models to help consumers choose the vacuum that best meets their needs.

"Consumers looking for an ash vacuum find numerous models to select from. Some individuals choose to purchase an ash vacuum based on price alone, yet this isn't the wisest way to select a device. Numerous other factors need to be taken into consideration, including the sound level, the rating, the weight and the warranty provided with the device. Ash Vacuum Reviews provides this information and more in an easy to read comparison chart," Thomas Bator, spokesperson for Ash Vacuum Reviews, announces.

The Powersmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum receives four and a half stars from Ash Vacuum Reviews and is a popular device with consumers. Available in both the United States and England, this device weighs only nine pounds and features a 16 foot cord, for those homes where power outlets are limited. Individuals should research this device and other models to find a device that meets their needs in every way.

"Individuals may also wish to consider the RL095 First4Spares model, which likewise receives four and a half stars from Ash Vacuum Reviews. This model weighs only eight pounds and features an 11 foot cord. The sound level of this model is 76 decibels, slightly lower than the sound level of the Powersmith model, which comes in at 79 decibels. In smaller homes, this may be of major concern," Bator continues.

In addition to being of great help when cleaning a wood stove, consumers find an ash vacuum cleaner may be used to clean grilles, barbecues, furnaces and pellet stoves. The main benefit of using an ash vacuum is the device prevents damage to the environment or the user. The vacuum has been engineered for this specific task, and individuals need to know the various types of vacuums and their uses.

"Visit Ash Vacuum Reviews to read more about the Love Less Ash, the Powersmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum, the Heart Country Ash Vacuum and more. The detailed reviews found on the site allow the consumer to narrow his or her options considerably and enable them to choose the right device the first time. This is of great importance as a clean stove is a much safer stove, and the same is true of barbecues, furnaces, grilles and more," Bator declares.

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Ash Vacuum Reviews recognizes there are many devices on the market today, and this can lead to customer confusion when the time comes to purchase a vacuum to clean a wood or pellet stove, a barbecue or a grille. The site provides detailed product reviews and a comparison chart to help consumers narrow their choices to those models which best meet their needs.