Book Publisher Plays Santa Across 2,200 Miles

Owner of Ethical Publishing House offers Exciting Giveaways while driving through North America


Edmonton, Alberta -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2013 -- On November 30, 2013, Mary Dunford, of Ashby-BP Publishing, will leave her home in Edmonton, Alberta and make her FOX TALK Exciting Giveawaysway through Canada and the USA with two goals in mind: giving away free copies of Children's Non-Fiction title FOX TALK and Coming of Age story Beyond the Precipice, along with other freebies, while sharing the importance of Ethical Book Publishing.

Ashby-BP has offices in Edmonton, Alberta and New York, New York, and is a leader in the Fair-Trade Book Publishing Movement. Fair-Trade Publishing (also known as Ethical Publishing) wants to bring back the value of publishers by providing the important – but expensive – editorial, design, and promotion services. Ashby-BP also addresses main concerns of authors, such as: higher percentages, creative control, and copyright. Ashby-BP partners with writers on all aspects of book production and promotion, and offers net 50% to writers on every sale. Though Ashby-BP pays for the professionals, and promotes its titles, the author and publisher are equal partners. The result is quality books that readers love, and authors who can make writing a full-time job.

Beyond the Precipice Exciting GiveawaysMany writers are now poverty-stricken because the percentages offered by large publishers are so low they rarely see much money after their small initial advances. Moreover, many publishers are widening their authors’ advertising roles, which writers also have to pay for. To Fair-Trade Publishers this is just plain wrong.

Fair-Trade Publishers, such as Ashby-BP, hope ethics will make a comeback; so far, their wishes are coming true. Both readers and writers are now beginning to re-evaluate with whom they publish books, and from whom they buy them.

Will Ethical Book Publishing become the new standard? Eva Blaskovic, author of Beyond the Precipice, thinks so. According to Blaskovic, “Fair-Trade Publishing is a three-way win [for authors, publishers, and readers;] it's the successful publishing model of the future." Ashby-BP Exciting Giveaways

Dunford hopes to stop in every major city on her journey with exciting giveaways. For every interview she will offer:

- Two gift bags including a hard copy of each title;
- Five copies of each e-book; and
- Each program audience will have the opportunity to receive exclusive discounts on the Ashby-BP Publishing website.

Dunford will be travelling through Alberta, Saskatchewan, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, through Southern Ontario, Pennsylvania, and New York. A map of Dunford's holiday giveaways can be found on Pinterest, and will be updated as her journey unfolds. Visitors can also follow her month long adventure on her weblog, hosted on the Ashby-BP Publishing website.

About Ashby-BP Publishing
Ashby-BP Publishing is the leader in Ethical Book Publishing, and currently serves authors in Canada, Great Britain, and the USA. In just over a year, Ashby-BP Publishing has released a shortlisted title with FOX TALK, and has gained significant ground in distribution across North America. Founded in 2012, Ashby-BP is a privately held company with offices in New York, New York, and Edmonton, Alberta.