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Asheville Cash for Gold Expert Showcases Rare Pink Diamond

Gold dealer displays and explains the rarity of pink diamonds in preparation for the upcoming Geneva auction for a 16.08 pink diamond on November 10th.


Asheville, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2015 -- Considered some of the rarest gemstones on earth natural fancy color diamonds are growing rapidly in popularity among an elite class of collectors and investors. It is a little known fact that a large majority of the world's supply of pink diamonds comes from just one mine in Western Australia. Named the Argyle mine it is owned by the RioTinto mining company. Local business Sell Gold Asheville is a collector of these rare diamonds and had the opportunity to showcase one in preparation for the upcoming auction.

The argyle mine was discovered in the 1980's and has since become a consistent producer of high quality pink diamonds. What makes the upcoming auction so exciting is the size, color and clarity of the diamond being auctioned. There is only one category of diamond more rare - the exceptional red diamond. To date the most expensive per carat diamond ever to auction was sold in 2009 at Christie's Hong Kong. It was a 5 carat cushion diamond - also fancy vivid pink.

The intensity of the diamond influences its value perhaps as much as its carat weight. The origin of that color as being natural or enhanced also plays a role in the appraisal. Additionally there might be the presence of another color such as purple which can decrease the value. There is a large difference in price between fancy pink to fancy intense pink diamonds. These colors can also have a range of appearance in color based on the lighting and the setting. For this reason it is important to work with a skilled jeweler who can present the diamond in the best way possible.

A spokesperson for Sell Gold Asheville explained, "We are very excited about the upcoming auction for the 16.08 pink diamond. It will bring further publicity to this once private diamond market. It has always been a passion of ours to work with these beautiful and rare gemstones. The upcoming auction is expected to bring a new record price per carat for diamonds sold at auction."

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