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Ashgoal Pushes Business Owners to Get Their Head in the Cloud


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2012 -- Cloud computing is a relatively new and quickly evolving means by which localised information can be accessible anywhere via the internet. Rather than storing files on a PC hard-drive, they can be stored online in a common location, making accessibility and data transfer easier than ever. It also promises to save businesses thousands in networking costs, as UK based business computing company Ashgoal are keen to point out to small businesses.

The company has recently launched its cloud service, which is powered by multiple high performance servers based in different locations around the UK and connected to the internet via high speed broadband. Businesses can store their data securely on these servers, and can even install programs and other features, allowing the PC or Laptop that the user works from to become more of a ‘portal’, conserving their performance for use in actioning user intentions rather than crunching through memory processes for software to function. And this is just one of the many advantages proposed for businesses through the Ashgoal cloud.

The company has a dedicated Cloud Team who work with businesses to manage the transition, or ‘migration’ of data from its existing physical locations to the cloud, as well as guiding and instructing the business and its employees on how to access and make the most of the new features. Ashgoal support is also always on-hand to cloud subscribers. They promise to regularly update server hardware and software, as well as perform backups, updates and maintenance as part of the package, meaning there is no need to spend further money on IT contractors.

A spokesperson for Ashgoal explained, “Experts know that cloud computing is the future, and it’s easy to see why. By setting up a business with the Cloud, owners can save between six and eight thousand pounds on their set up costs, relative to investing in server hardware and installation, let alone maintenance. To join the Cloud is to get consistent, top-shelf performance and reliability that far outstrips the shelf life of buying dedicated, live-in servers and comes with so many more advantages such as instant, global, shared access to relevant data and files, and a more streamlined management system. It’s one of the rare business decisions that only has one right answer: there’s no reason not to.”

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