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Ashley Capital Group Advises on the Importance of Confidentiality in the M&A Process


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/28/2019 -- This time last year, a record $2.5 trillion had already been announced in mergers throughout the U.S.A, making the year a record breaker for corporate consolidation. Companies wondering how to sell your small business are often faced with the prospect of mergers and acquisitions. As beneficial as these processes can be, they can also open the gates for data fraud and compromise on a considerable scale.

The business sales and strategic partnership experts at Ashley Capital recommend several protocols that help to protect sensitive data during a merger or acquisition process. Firstly, they advise investing in enhanced security software before beginning an M&A. This software should include multi-factor authentication and encryption to protect data.

Secondly, it's advised that any professionals that will work on the M&A process are thoroughly vetted before employment. This can be done by requesting references and testimonials, or by asking for recommendations from professional's within the professional network.

Before information is shared, a Non-Disclosure Agreement should be provided to and signed by any potential buyers. These documents legally protect any information shared during the negotiation stages of an M&A.

If a business anticipates their acquisition as being valuable to their competitors, it's recommended that they keep their sale confidential to their competitors until the last minute. This way, they can leverage better rates of compensation by proving substantial offers have already been made on their company. Following all these procedures will help to protect data and negotiate a great deal to facilitate an exit plan strategy.

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