Asia Pacific Deal Trends 2004-2013: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 - 2019

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GlobalDatas report, "PharmaSphere: Asia Pacific Deal Trends, 20042013" offers an in-depth understanding of the key deals that took place in the region during the last decade. The type of deals covered in the report include Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Licensing and Collaboration & Partnerships. The report also provides understanding on the regional differences in the deal making activity to that of the global trends and key trends are outlined with insight on drivers such as regulatory policy, macro-economic and industry factors as well as market access challenges. Case studies including the top deals in value among Mergers & Acquisition, Licensing and Collaboration & Partnerships are strategically analyzed to provide comprehensive understanding on areas such as structure and status of the deal vis a vis the overall corporate strategy.

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Throughout the report, GlobalDatas analysts provide you with expert insight, expanding on each strategy and factor discussed, with the aim of providing you with the tools you need to make informed business decisions.


About the Report:
GlobalDatas report, "PharmaSphere: Asia Pacific Deal Trends, 20042013 is an essential source of information and analysis on strategic deals in the Asia Pacific region. It includes top players in the global and regional pharmaceuticals and healthcare market. Using detailed company data and financial analysis, GlobalData has highlighted certain deals in the pharmaceutical market, forming a basis for in-depth analysis of the factors driving deal-making in the industry, currently and into the future. The report discusses the key factors shaping and driving the pharmaceutical industry in the Asia Pacific region, and provides insight on the competitive landscape and emerging strategies that are expected to significantly alter the market position of industry leaders.

Key Questions Answered
- How are the main deal categories faring among top countries in the Asia Pacific region over the past decade?
- What are the primary reasons for increased activity in strategic deals by leading pharmaceutical companies in APAC region?
- What are the key trends, and strategies involved in M&As, licensing deals, and collaboration agreements entered into by leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies in the Asia Pacific region?
- What strategies are the most successful companies pursuing to gain and maintain their market leading position?


- In-depth understanding of the key pharmaceutical and healthcare deals that took place in the APAC region during the last decade. Furthermore, key deals are discussed from a domestic and global point of view
- Current regulatory framework in various markets in APAC including recent and/or ongoing developments that are expected to impact or influencing the industry are discussed
- Dealmaking strategies: insightful analysis on the terms, strategic implications and synergies of recent deals activity in the APAC pharmaceutical industry
- Collaboration and acquisition strategies: exhaustive discussion on the strategic implications and synergies of recent M&A and partnering activities
- Expert insights on the corporate strategies of various drug companies seeking a competitive advantage in the pharmaceutical market place
- Case studies on top deal making activities shedding light on rationale and strategy.

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Reasons to buy:

- Understand the primary drivers behind major deal initiatives in the APAC region.
- Analyze the structures of the deal and gain insight on the various factors considered when structuring deal terms in strategic acquisitions, mergers, collaborations, and licensing.
- Identify rationale behind potential takeover targets and partners, thereby maximizing your opportunities for consolidation, investment, and strategic partnerships in the Asia Pacific region.
- Use this information as an independent source for your due diligence and transaction strategy.

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