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Asian Recipe Site Taking Internet by Storm

Asia Food Recipe is the largest recipe-sharing community website on which users can upload, share, and view cooking recipe videos.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2012 -- With about a month less than a year of being live on the Internet, has become the internet’s go-to location for Asian-style recipes.

With literally thousands of recipes already at the website and more being uploaded by viewers every day, the cooking recipe website has exceeded the owner’s expectations.

“We never expected to have this many users and this many recipes in such a short amount of time,” said Tay Guo En, who was heading the marketing of “Yes, we expected to have hundreds of thousands of recipes, but not this fast. The growth has greatly surprised us.”

As of May, the website had more than half million recipes uploaded.

“We saw a need – food lovers had few online resources to find really good Asian cuisine and recipes to help them create those dishes. Asia Food Recipe was born out of that desire to help people around the world really experience all that Asian cuisine has to offer,” Joel said. “It took off almost overnight. It really seemed like people were just waiting for something, for that single spark to ignite a bonfire.”

Joel attributes Asia Food Recipe’s growth to a twofold different in the website as compared to others:

1) Asia Food allows mashups, video recipes from YouTube that are easily added into a cookbook format.

2) The sheer variety, authenticity and uniqueness of the recipes.

“If you’re looking for something true to Asian roots, we’ve got the recipe for you. There’s quite a few interesting ones too – Try making a Hello Kitty Futomaki Sushi from our website and you’ll see what I mean!” Joel said.

Users can share, rate and rank recipes on Facebook and Twitter. Joel said they plan to continue this effort make it easier and easier for users to access the site’s recipes.

“Our vision is to aggregate all Asian food recipes and to integrate this with a social dimension that allows cooks all over the world to share their discoveries with others,” he said. “I think we make it easier for people to branch out and try something new, and we also make it easier for people to use everyday ingredients to come up with a balanced diet for good health and happiness. Who says good food is supposed to be unhealthy?”

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