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AsiaPeptides to Launch Retail Sales October, 30


Edinburgh, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- In aspiration to contribute to the development of peptides potential, AsiaPeptides is grinding away to supply triple A quality products that ensure unparalleled researches’ results accuracy. Playing the ball with the world’s most reputed chemical manufacturers in conjunction with a thoroughly optimized technological process enable the company to stick to a totally competitive pricing model.

AsiaPeptides, focusing on supplying tog-grade pepitides to chemical professionals, also presented an updated version of the official website, boasting a user-friendly structure and simply stunning user experience. Apart from design changes, the company has also updated a good number of product pages, now having way more comprehensive descriptions. Finally, a rolled out is fueled by a juicy promotional campaign that makes the prices even more affordable.

AsiaPeptides is highly appreciated for its Melanotan 2 peptide: the company has been supplying this tetra substituted amino acid within as little as 9 months, and the experts admit its unsurpassed quality. Currently, taking into account the fact that Melanotan 2 is a key figure in numerous researches, having access to decent quality materials is crucial. The most successful scientists make their choice in favor of Melanotan 2 due to its unique property of bio conjugating with a number of other chemicals, and what is particularly important, with serum albumin. Thus, the Chinese facilities have proved their considerable efficiency.

AsiaPeptides has launched the process of ongoing improvement, which enabled the company to stand out from the crowd within a short period of time. A savvy strategy, covering a better part of essential business aspects, bore fruits in a record period.

The company welcomes its future customers to drop in at a renovated website, while retail sales start on October, 30. Apart from across-the-board information on peptides, the company is pleased to share the updated history and about sections with the world. In addition, an improved blog will offer more professional articles, revealing the ins and outs of peptides and chemicals manufacturing, testing and selling (independent testing is a topics deserves special attention).

About AsiaPeptides
AsiaPeptides is focusing on supplying chemical research labs with finest quality peptides and chemicals, concentrating its efforts on global online sales. Representing a short list of China-manufactured products, AsiaPeptides offers magnificent quality at a still democratic price. The lineup of peptides and chemicals produced by the company is designed for scientific trials only, human consumption is excluded. For more information, visit the company’s official web page

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