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Ask My Ashes: Powerful New Novel Fills Gap in Oscar Wilde's 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'

Many wonder about the gap in chapter 14 of Wilde’s only published novel, specifically surrounding a letter the character Alan Campbell was handed by the protagonist and the ensuing 18 month passage of time. In a compelling new book based on that letter, Gabriela Azevedo makes literary history with her new novel.


Sao Paulo, Brazil -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2013 -- While Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ is widely regarded as a staple of literature, readers have spent over a hundred years trying to fill a vital gap in the story’s plot. When scientist Alan Campbell is summoned by Gray to hide his crime of murder, Campbell abruptly refuses. This compels Gray to blackmail him using a letter that detailed a bad event during their eighteen months of friendship.

This letter is now the focus of ‘Ask My Ashes’, a gripping novel from Brazil’s Gabriela Azevedo, which fills the gap in Wilde’s original book and completes the story for good.


When the brilliant scientist Alan Campbell met Dorian Gray, he was fascinated by the beauty and eloquence of that young man, but the reality was other. In 18 months of friendship, Alan discovered Dorian's inner ugliness in the worst way possible.

In Oscar Wilde's ''The picture of Dorian Gray'' there is a gap in chapter 14. After committing a murder, Dorian summons Alan to clean up his mess and hide the crime. Aware of Dorian's real personality Alan refuses to do it, and Dorian blackmails his ex-friend using as excuse something bad that happened during the 18 months of friendship wrote in a letter he handed the scientist.

But the author never explained what actually happen, leaving Alan Campbell as a character without prominence.

If you ever questioned yourself about what may be that letter about, and how was for Alan those 18 months of companionship with one of the greatest characters of literature's history, this novel is for you.

As the author explains, her book goes well beyond the concept of fan fiction.

“The dynamic of the book makes it possible to read the two novels in any order or even simultaneously. It is controversial to mess with one of the greatest books in history, but this is certainly a question many Oscar Wilde's fans asked while reading The picture of Dorian Gray,” says Azevedo.

She continues, “What happened between Dorian Gray and Alan Campbell for them to end their friendship and to reunite some years later because of a blackmail and witch after that dragged Campbell into suicide? Readers of my book can find out”

While dark in places, ‘Ask My Ashes’ fills an important gap in literary history.

“In a dark aura, Ask my ashes fills this gap revisiting the fogy Victorian and Edwardian London through a story that wasn't completely told. 18 months of friendship that ended without an excuse and now it's exposed. Two gentlemen of high society, the daughter of an honorable doctor and a night at the morgue can explain it all,” Azevedo adds.

Critics praise the author for her diligent attempts to complete the story. With the book expecting huge demand, interested readers are urged to secure their copy as soon as possible.

‘Ask My Ashes’, published by Amazon Digital Services, is available now: http://amzn.to/Tl9pCd

About the Author: Gabriela Azevedo
Debut author Gabriela Azevedo was born and raised in Sao Paulo - Brazil in a family of writers. She loves literature and rock n' roll.