AskTHEO Live with Marcus and Sheila Gillette: Talk Radio Joins Heaven and Earth with THEO and Guest Regina Meredith on VoiceAmerica's 7th Wave Channel

AskTHEO Live: Talk Radio Like You’ve Never Heard Before, brings together the insights and wisdom of THEO and the experience and investigative talent of Regina Meredith in a discussion of Phenomena on VoiceAmerica Talk Radio.


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2014 -- Bringing forth the wisdom of THEO on a variety of topics on 7th Wave for nearly 5 years, Marcus and Sheila Gillette have built a loyal listenership and continue to inform, inspire and empower listeners worldwide. On Tuesday April 29, 2014 Special Guest, Regina Meredith, joins the conversation in a discussion of Phenomena. As producer and host of Gaiam TV’s “Open Minds” Regina has recently explored such topics as “Unearthly Phenomena”, “Tesla Technology”, “Secrets of a Long Life”, “Lemuria and the Origins of Civilization” and more. “It is always a fascinating dialogue when Regina talks with THEO on topics not ordinarily explored by the mainstream media,” stated Marcus. Regina Meredith has spent over 30 years in media, as an NBC sports broadcaster with Bryant Gumbel, as an environmental documentary film maker, and as Co-Founder of Conscious Media Network. Regina knows firsthand how information is censored and edited and realized the public would never get the full truth about the information they really need to know. She is a tireless and dedicated researcher, digging as deeply as possible into the information and potential implications to bring understanding and enlightenment wherever possible.

AskTHEO Live with Marcus and Sheila Gillette is broadcast live every Tuesday at 8 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel. Archives of AskTHEO Live can be found at http://www.asktheo.com/Experience-THEO/ask-theo-live-radio-show.html.

“As a Producer and Host of Gaiam TV, I’m regularly exposed to high levels of intellect and esoteric knowledge, much of it of great value. The work of Sheila and the THEO group, however, brings an even deeper level of truth and mature spiritual understanding that strikes me to the core of my own sense of higher truth,” Regina Meredith stated. She went on to say, “THEO communicates with clarity, compassion, directness and integrity, which, I feel, is what people are craving in these chaotic times. THEO provides a calm port for our mind and emotions in which to consider our lives in a new way.”

Marcus and Sheila are the authors of ‘Soul Truth’ and co-founders of the THEO Group, Inc. THEO offering workshops, speaking engagements, consulting and mentoring. Sheila is the direct channel for Theo and author of “The 5th Dimension: Channels to a New Reality”, and together they focus on educating, motivating and inspiring people on how to identify and remove the blockages in their lives, providing people the tools to utilize their natural talents and manifest their deepest desires. For information please visit http://www.AskTHEO.com.

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About AskTHEO Live
AskTHEO Live is an empowering show discussing important issues aimed to encourage, inspire, teach and support individuals as they navigate life. Marcus, Sheila, THEO, along with their guests, will share unique principles, ideas, methods, expertise, humor and personal experiences to best serve the needs of the listeners. Listeners have an opportunity to suggest topics for discussion and as a result the show is always relevant to the listenership. The depth of the information that comes from Theo is limited only by the curiosity, intellect, and imagination of the questioner.

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