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Aspen Integrative Medicine Announces the Launch of TBI Therapy - The Next Level of Traumatic Brain Injury Healing

Aspen Integrative Medicine launches TBI Therapy to address traumatic brain injury at a deeper and more effective level than traditional and common protocols. This new protocol to traumatic brain injury is being made available to the general public through two different treatment modalities based on the depth of the injury.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2016 -- Aspen Integrative Medicine, an established leader in traumatic brain injury healing therapies, today announced a roll out of their latest healing protocol to the general public under the name TBI Therapy. Their patented protocol combines a number of different treatment types designed to provide a more efficient biological process for brain self-repair. The entire protocol provides a more nutrient and oxygen rich environment for brain cell healing, thus ultimately speeding up the process where patients can see results in a shorter period of time than typical industry standards.

According to TBI Therapy founder and managing partner Dr. John Hughes, this specific protocol has never been provided before and uses current therapies in an enhanced way and in a combination that allows the effects to build upon each other to provide the brain with the needed elements where self healing can truly occur.

"The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself to some degree no matter the type of injury, when provided the appropriate support," said Dr. Hughes. "The problem is some injuries require more supportive methods than traditional medicine provides so we see these injuries as irreparable, and the brain is no different in this case. Our philosophy is to never say never when it comes to injuries and we took that philosophy to providing healing to TBI suffers. There is no need to spend the rest of your life in discomfort when there is a strong chance you can get some of your life back."

The protocol can be delivered in either a 5 day or a 9 week program depending upon the type of healing that is needed. Patients would travel to their Basalt, CO office to receive the treatment once an evaluation of their injury has been performed.

About TBI Therapy
Newly founded in 2014, TBI Therapy, a part of Aspen Integrative Medicine, has helped their clients experience a better quality of life with improved brain function via specialized healing protocols. Their mission statement is "To leave no brain injury untreated."

To learn more about TBI Therapy, call 888-489-6665 or visit them online at

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