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‘AsphaltKingdom.com’ Releases New Tool to Save Parking Lots, One Crack at a Time


The Valley, Anguilla -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2011 -- The holiday season is fast approaching and many retailers are looking forward to brisk sales and lots of shoppers coming in to buy presents.

But before the big rush begins, there is one task that retailers should think about completing first—filling cracks in their asphalt parking lot. With the weather about to change, it is especially important to get the job done now, before the snow starts to fall.

A website is getting a lot of attention lately for its outstanding selection of asphalt and seal coat products and equipment that can help business owners complete asphalt crack repair in their parking lots as quickly and easily as possible.

AsphaltKingdom.com, a leading online asphalt repair company, recently launched a new Crack Filler Calculator that takes all of the guesswork out of buying the products needed to properly repair cracks in asphalt.

After entering in the length, depth, and width of the crack into the online tool, it will calculate exactly how many linear feet of rubber filler are needed to complete the job.

Founder and president Judson Burdon said one reason the Crack Filler Calculator was created was because he and his employees noticed that most commercial property owners often put off parking lot maintenance, usually because they don’t know how much product to purchase or what is needed to do the job right the first time.

As Burdon explained, the worst thing a retailer can do in this situation is try to wait it out.

“Anywhere grass or weeds are poking through, or anywhere you can see cracks in your blacktop, water can get in,” he said.

“It freezes when the cold weather sets in and then it expands, making the problem worse. Before too long, you’re looking at replacing your whole driveway. You could easily have prevented the problem with some simple crack filler, and possibly a protective layer of sealcoat.”

While repairing and resealing a driveway can be done for a few hundred dollars, replacing it can cost at least $20,000.

For customers who are tackling parking lot maintenance for the first time, AsphaltKingdom.com offers a Guide to Crack Repair that offers a step-by-step manual for filling cracks and advises when an asphalt patch would be the way to go. The company also has asphalt experts on hand during business hours to answer any questions people may have about asphalt crack repair.

About Asphalt Kingdom
Asphalt Kingdom is recognized by thousands of clients as the trusted source for asphalt and seal coat products and equipment. Founded by Judd Burdon, a successful professional seal coater, in 2004, AsphaltKingdom.com provides homeowners, franchisees and other professionals with the best prices, quality, and selection. Asphalt Kingdom has rapidly become a leading online retailer and a valuable resource for both property owners and asphalt industry professionals. For more information, call 866-399-5562 or visit www.asphaltkingdom.com