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Aspiring Business-Owners Find Lucrative Opportunities as Tobacco Affiliates


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2011 -- In recent years, people looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes have begun purchasing regular tobacco. Tobacco has become so popular and is considered by many to be so hip and cool that in many parts of the world it has become about as common as regular cigarettes with both men and women.

As a result, millions of people are looking to buy genuine, high quality tobacco at good prices. This has, in turn, created a very profitable business opportunity for people to become tobacco affiliates.

A company has received a lot of attention lately for its free program that allows budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own business selling tobacco online. Tobacco Affiliate Program, which is part of the Direct Net Partners company, helps people sell dutyfree tobacco while earning a substantial commission.

Or, as the website put it, the unique niche of selling dutyfree tobacco means affiliates are “always selling, always profiting.”

“Being part of the tobacco affiliate program means sharing the success of the leading tobacco affiliate program that offers the highest quality products to countless customers, at very reasonable and attractive prices, free fast shipping and great service,” the website explained, adding that the company is known for selling only the best quality products, like George Karelias and Sons smoking tobacco.

“Tapping into this expanding market has proved highly profitable for our many affiliates, who have been offering the best products for the lowest prices to customers worldwide.”

Signing up to become a tobacco affiliate is quick and easy. Simply log onto the website and on the home page there is a green “Join Today—Click Here!” button. Click on it, fill out a brief application online and in no time new affiliates can be earning money selling dutyfree tobacco online.

Once registered, account managers are always available to help answer any questions affiliates may have, helping to make sure sales are going smoothly at all times.

As the website explained, a tobacco affiliate can expect to take advantage of exceptionally high commissions of up to 20 percent, which are the highest in the industry. This feature, along with high conversion rates provided by the company’s advanced marketing tools and attractive and high quality products, can make the tobacco affiliate program an instant success for those who give it a try.

For more information on Tobacco Affiliate Program, please visit http://www.tobacco-affiliate.com