Aspiring Singers & Vocalists: Eminent Voice Training Without the Eminent High Price Tag

The average person’s solution to developing proper voice techniques without spending thousands of dollars on training


Corona, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- In a world where only the most wealthy and talented singers thrive, how can the average person hone in on his or her skills to get some decent singing lessons without spending thousands of dollars at a prestigious music school? More and more people are turning to virtual vocal training methods as a solution. Take-a-Chance Media, for example, brings you How to Sing R&B in 2 Days, the first product to launch from their new online Voice Techniques campaign. Their goal is to help people learn singing techniques, regardless of their vocal training by providing them with virtual resources that cut their vocal education costs by thousands.

Learning a craft from someone who is already successful in that area is one of the best and most effective methods of training, but is it really necessary to dish out thousands of dollars for it? What happens when people have the passion and drive and are willing to learn a craft like singing but cannot afford the expensive music schools and private voice lessons? With over 2.4 billion Internet users worldwide and rising, it is no surprise that it is now easier to learn singing and voice techniques online. Not only are people saving money, but they save a lot of travel and commute time. They can practice and train on their own schedule.

“I’m very excited about this new campaign launch because it will open doors and give opportunity to those who normally wouldn’t have a fighting chance to get the vocal lessons that they need,” says founder Chance Mafoua. With its new affiliations with programs such as Brett Manning’s Singing Success and The Vocalist Studio, Voice Techniques provides access to training resources by some of the industry’s most renowned vocalists. It brings together a pool of resources that will guide individuals towards proper voice training.

About Take-a-Chance Media
Take-a-Chance Media is a media and marketing company created in 2012 that focuses on music, film and television industries. Voice Techniques is their marketing campaign that was created to enable people from all backgrounds to embrace their passion for singing and have a fair chance to learn how to sing with no fear of price or judgment. It allows the normal everyday person who has no musical training but wants to learn, to thrive and perfect his or her craft.

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