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ASSIGNED to LIE: Malaysian Airline Filed Prelim Amendment for MH370 Trademark Application Knowing That Willful False Statements Are Punishable by Fine Or/And Imprisonment

On its declaration dated August 08,2014, Lindahyni Johari of MAS has appointed the world largest law firm by revenue,Baker & McKenzie, to prosecute its belated MH370 trademark application.


Dover, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2014 -- According to Reuters, Malaysia Airline System Bhd (MAS) said Khazanah Nasional will offer 27 sen for each share in the company it does not own, amounting to nearly 1.4 billion ringgit to take the troubled airline private.

This is definitely not a bad news at all for those minority shareholders who had bought higher than 27 sen (at least their losses are cushioned) because with MAS's USD1.4 Million daily loses even before the second downed flight, it is very skeptical over MAS's ability to survive beyond the second half of 2015 (if this is allowed to be happen, minority shareholders can incur total lose or over lose).

Within the same day (Virginia time zone), the cash-trapped MAS turned ambitious to file a preliminary amendment and appoint the world largest law firm by revenue as its attorney to prosecute its MH370 trademark application in the USA. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has recorded this ASSIGN TO LIE on August 13, 2014.Legal Instruments Examiner is a position classification for USPTO employees charged with docketing cases and other administrative processing that support the workflow and examination of applications

Interesting enough,this trademark application sought protection of all goods and services under Class 9, Class 16 and Class 41 which none of these are related to airline business.Is MAS changing its business line venturing into something new? Why doesn't Khazanah Nasional cut its lose on MAS and yet take further gambler-like risk to venture into goods and services under Class 9, Class 16 and Class 41? The answers are relatively unknown as compare to the globally known Malaysia Boleh attitude.

Under the USPTO trademark search,there shows two MH370 filing.MAS is second to Seyefull Investments Limited who filed on May 02, 2014. According to Seyefull's website, Seyefull is a Shenzhen,China based Investment firm which specializes in investing into movie.

Washington-based Global Financial Integrity Report had listed China as the leader in illicit funds outflow, mainly corruption in nature, with USD 1.08 trillion, with Malaysia at No. 4 in the world at USD 370.38 billion.Primary school mathematics tell us on per registered population basis, Malaysia Boleh over China by multiple times. Can the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund outplay a China based's Investment Firm this time? USPTO decides.

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