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Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. Offers Pothole Repairs This Season


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2018 -- Spring is the season of potholes. The water from snow, fluctuating hot and cold temperatures during the season, and overuse all combine to wreak havoc on surfaces and cars alike. In fact, three billion people need vehicle repairs due to potholes every year.

To combat this scourge of the roadways and parking lots, Associated Paving Contractors, Inc, the parking lot paving company serving Montgomery County, proudly offers pothole repair service for its customers.

While streets and highways are notoriously susceptible to damage and potholes, parking lots are often victims to them as well. Excessive snow and plows create perfect conditions in the winter for potholes to appear later. In addition, substantial traffic from both customers and employees can create these issues as well.

Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. offers reliable pothole repair for these conditions. They feature fast and effective service for their customers by providing convenient and professional paving services. The company accomplishes this through a fully-trained staff of employees who are knowledgeable, and dedicated to getting the job complete while keeping properties safe.

As time goes on and pothole damage accumulates, it can become more difficult to repair these issues, and larger equipment and more significant manpower may be required. So it's always best to address pothole and other troublesome surface problems as soon as they arise. For this reason, Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. features a frequent maintenance plan to allow customers to notify them of damage and enjoy priority service and repairs.

For major or minor paving and pothole repairs, Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. has the expert and experienced team to create solutions for any paving problems. To schedule a pothole repair, or for trash dumpster rental in Montgomery County, call them at 215-672-8000 or visit

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Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. is a family owned and operated paving company located in Warminster, PA and is the sister company to APCON Environmental Services. Associated Paving Contractors has been proudly serving the greater Philadelphia area since 1970. Fully licensed to provide services in asphalt paving, concrete services including walkways and loading docks, excavation services including site development and retaining walls, their dedicated workers have a track record of success.

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