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Associated Paving Contractors Inc. Shows Businesses How They Can Benefit from Commercial Paving


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2018 -- Associated Paving Contractors Inc. (APCON) is letting businesses in on how to save money, improve safety, and enhance their visual appeal all while being environmentally conscious. Business owners looking to increase their business's potential should take advantage of the warm weather and invest in commercial paving services.

Businesses can enhance their curb appeal by upgrading their entryways with decorative concrete. Customers will notice that owners care about their business when they pull into a newly paved parking lot. Adding new parking bumpers and freshly painted parking line will go a long way in increasing the visual appeal of a business.

Repairing old cracked and chipped concrete walkways will improve the safety of businesses tremendously. Customers will no longer have to worry about tripping or falling due to poorly paved walkways. Installing new features like a ramp will make accessing a business safer for elderly and disabled customers who may struggle using stairs.

Concrete paving is cost effective and eco-friendly, so owners won't have to stress about their return on investment. The durability on concrete allows owners to save money by not having to pay for costly repairs as often. Installing light colored concrete saves money by absorbing heat, which cools off a business and reduces the amount of money spent on air conditioning.

As the leading concrete contractors near Montgomery County, PA, APCON prides itself on helping to preserve the environment with their green initiatives. By recycling concrete, they minimize the unnecessary dumping of waste into landfills. They also use porous paving materials whenever they can to reduce the harmful effects of stormwater runoff into water sources.

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Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. is a family owned and operated paving company located in Warminster, PA and is the sister company to APCON Environmental Services. Associated Paving Contractors has been proudly serving the greater Philadelphia area since 1970. Fully licensed to provide services in asphalt paving, concrete services including walkways and loading docks, excavation services including site development and retaining walls, their dedicated workers have a track record of success.

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