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Associated Paving Contractors Now Offering Speed Bump Installation Services This Fall 2013


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2013 -- As a leading paving company specializing in all sorts of asphalt projects including surfaces, parking lots, sport courts, and texturing, Associated Pavement Contractors is pleased to announce they will now be offering their services for speed bump installations. Whether living in a residential neighborhood where kids play in the street and cars zoom past, or own a business and the parking lot is dangerous for pedestrians, their experienced professionals will install speed bumps to help ensure the safety of the public.

Many neighborhoods have multiple entrances and serve as a shortcut for drivers to avoid heavy volume or rush hour traffic. These drivers will neglect the speed limit and fly through the area as if it were a major highway. If residents in the greater Philadelphia area live in this type of neighborhood, they can petition the township or county to provide these services for the safety of their children and/or pets. Associated Paving Contractors will work diligently and effectively to have the project completed as quickly as possible.

For commercial areas or those business owners in a shopping center with many outlets, vehicles have the tendency of speeding through the shopping center to reach their destination. As experts in parking lot paving in Philadelphia, Associated Paving Contractors will be able to accurately and efficiently install speed bumps throughout the parking lot in an effort to provide shoppers with an extra layer of safety.

Not only will APCON, paving contractors in Philadelphia, provide safer roadways, they will provide paving services for the road or parking lot using LEED®—Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design—certified “green paving.” This can help commercial businesses receive a variety of incentives like tax rebates, while allowing less fuel consumption and emissions by saving energy and money.

For more information on the services offered by Associated Paving or to inquire about a paving or maintenance project in the Philadelphia Metro area, please call 215-672-8000 or visit their website today.

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Associated Paving Contractors is a family owned and operated paving company located in Warminster, PA and is the sister company to APCON Environmental Services. Approved vendors with Greystar Real Estate Partners, LLC, Associated Paving Contractors has been proudly serving the greater Philadelphia area since 1970. Fully licensed to provide services in asphalt paving, concrete services including walkways and loading docks, excavation services including land clearing and retaining walls, their dedicated workers have a track record of success.

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