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Associated Renewable Identifies and Corrects Building Deficiencies with Retro Commissioning Services

Local Law 87 was introduced by Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Council to effectively regulate the energy efficiency quotient in buildings.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2013 -- For full compliance with Local Law 87 in New York City, Associated Renewable offers building owners comprehensive energy audits and retro commissioning services which involve a technical assessment of the building’s base systems as well as, identifying and correcting building system deficiencies.

Retro-commissioning is the process of improving the performance of systems through upgrades, without involving new installations. An energy engineer in the Energy Solutions team at Associated Renewable explains, “The energy conservation measures (ECMs) uncovered during retro-commissioning typically involve reprogramming controls, repairing dusty dampers, and replacing faulty actuators, valves, variable speed drives and sensors. A thorough look is also taken at how building operators are using the controls, since poor operational procedures usually lead to energy waste.”

Local Law 87 was introduced by Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Council to effectively regulate the energy efficiency quotient in buildings. Associated Renewable is a leading, end-to-end energy solutions provider in New York with a team of experts that is thoroughly qualified and authorized to conduct energy audits and retro commissioning.

Conducting systematic examination of energy consumption behavior in New York buildings that span over 50,000 square feet, will enable owners and managers to understand where exactly energy is being wasted and how much they can save on their annual energy bill from the prescribed energy efficiency measures (EEMs). Associated Renewable offers the most accurate and professional energy audit and retro-commissioning services to multi-family and commercial buildings in New York.

Energy audits and retro commissioning in large buildings are executed to improve and modify mechanical systems, reduce energy costs and savings, and create a comprehensive energy efficiency report which is filed with the Department of Buildings.

Associated Renewable ensures buildings receive the most professional and cost-effective energy audits with the backing of its highly qualified and certified engineers and analysts. The energy consulting and carbon management company also offers clients the advantage of having a dedicated in-house Grants team that identifies and applies for grants, rebates and other financial incentives to reduce energy audit project costs by 50% or more. .

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Associated Renewable is a leading end-to-end full service energy consulting & carbon management company. It provides custom energy efficiency solutions, leveraging renewable energy technologies to help clients deploy their projects, meet regulatory requirements, and cut energy costs while reducing their overall carbon footprint. Their efforts will help to mitigate heightened global energy concerns as well as guide businesses, government agencies, and other organizations towards a more energy efficient, sustainable and cost- effective future.

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