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Associated Renewable Offers Energy Efficiency Consulting for Implementing Building Management Systems


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2013 -- Associated Renewable Inc. helps property managers get incentives for energy cost reduction measures in the easiest manner with the help of a team of financial and technical experts who provide proper guidance to property managers. They guide the managers through the entire process of incentives procurement. The company’s dedicated Grants & Incentives team identifies applicable incentives and manages the entire application process. Right from due diligence through the application and acquisition of time-limited funds, our team of experts guides the property managers thoroughly Contact our team to inquire about your eligibility and application for performance-based or other types of financial incentives offered by NYSERDA, Con Edison and other entities.

Associated Renewable also offers building management systems (BMS). BMS is a software program that allows building owners and managers to monitor, manage and control security, lighting, heating, climate control, and other energy-consuming building systems.

BMS are useful for amalgamating data from various building systems, because integration of individual systems increases the energy saving potential and allows the building managers to come to a decision about what to run and for how long. Associated Renewable helps building owners understand how their buildings will benefit from BMS implementation by thoroughly analyzing whole-building energy usage, which can also be conducted during energy audits for ll87. Besides reducing maintenance costs, aggregating data from various sources using BMS informs climate controls when to shut off systems in low- or no-occupancy areas.

To learn more about the benefits of BMS and energy audits, clients can also request case studies, available on the website, as well as information on grants & financing. The firm often shares updates on the industry, regulations and current topics through its professional & social networking accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Associated Renewable
Associated Renewable is a leading end-to-end full service energy consulting and carbon management company. They offer custom energy efficiency solutions, leveraging renewable energy technologies to help clients deploy their projects, meet regulatory requirements, and cut energy costs while reducing their overall carbon footprint. Their efforts will help to mitigate heightened global energy concerns as well as guide businesses, government agencies, and other organizations towards a more energy efficient, sustainable and costs effective future.

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