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Associated Security Offer Solution to Stop Latest ATM Scam


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2016 -- You have probably seen all over the news that criminal gangs have found a brand new way to take people's money; a way in which only takes them mere seconds. Using distraction techniques criminals are now causing scenes to grab people's attention, and whilst looking away, they're quickly swapping their cards for fakes – after looking over their shoulders to catch their PIN numbers that is.

Barclays has released a video showing how this scam works, whilst also revealing tips on how it can be avoided going forward. In addition to this, they have also advised that banks and cash machine owners alike can take steps in order to stop these crimes from occurring, such as the addition of PIN shields from Associated Security for example. PIN shields are available in a wide variety, yet all have the same intentions. When PIN shields are in place, criminals, and anyone who is not the user, are unable to see PINs that are being entered and therefore are a lot less likely to execute criminal activities.

A spokesperson from leading ATM protection provider Associated Security was keen to comment saying, "ATM's are now at considerable risk of attack and therefore it is of utmost importance that protection measures are put in place. Here at Associated Security we have a wide range available including ATM Plinths, ATM Pods, Locking bars and ATM Anti Explosion mats, so whatever your individual needs and requirements may be, we are bound to have a solution ideal for you. We also would like to take this opportunity to strongly urge all ATM users to use machines with PIN shields where possible."

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