ASTALAVISTA Offers New Cloud Based Security Scan Service

ASTALAVISTA, a cloud-based security scan service, has announced today that it is opening services to the general public. The number one source for Cloud-Based Security Scans has reached its full launch stage and is already generating a buzz amongst industry enthusiasts.


Chur, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2013 -- ASTALAVISTA is offering a security scan service that will help individuals and businesses to ensure that their systems are protected from malicious attacks.

Over 1.5 million individuals are victims of cyber crime every day, and device security is of high priority as a result of the increasing cybercrime rates. Cybercrime affects not only businesses, but also individuals who hold private work and personal data on their systems. ASTALAVISTA’s new security scan will provide businesses and individuals alike with the best Cloud-Based Security Scan service available on the market today.

Experts working at ASTALAVISTA aim to ensure that clients receive relevant and insightful data on existing vulnerabilities so that they can improve their systems and protect themselves from cybercrime. To check the security of your systems, ASTALAVISTA will conduct an externally run scan that will thoroughly check the security of any cloud based Internet-connected devices that you own.

ASTALAVISTA has already completed two beta testing processes (Closed-beta and Open-beta) in order to identify any shortcomings in the scan platform. Following these two beta phases the scan service has been stabilized and usability has been improved according to feedback.

“I used ASTALAVISTA to carry out a scan on all the systems in the office and the way they handled it and presented us with all the solutions to our problems was incredibly done.” Says Henry L.

The best Cloud-Based Security Scan service today, ASTALAVISTA (established in 1997) is a security enthusiast community consisting of IT professionals that has now grown to be a quality Cloud-based Security Scan provider. They are capable of scanning any Internet-connected device including websites, blogs, computers, laptops, routers and more.

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